WMBA Progam

WMBA Program

The Weekend Master of Business Administration Program consists of 60 credit hours (20 courses 3 credit hour each) that can be completed within two to six years on trimester basis. Each trimester will be of thirteen weeks of duration. Students from the related academic background may get waiver of maximum 15 credit hours (5 courses). Unlike other program offered by IBA-JU, this program is a nonresidential MBA program.

Why IBA-JU Weekend MBA Program

  • High quality public university degree with competitive and reasonable cost.
  • Highly qualified faculty members with international teaching and research exposures.
  • Convenient class and examination schedules
  • Strong industry linkages that integrates theories with practices.
  • Flexible program design to facilitate the beginning and ending of the program within two to six years on a trimester system.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, rich seminar library and computer lab.
  • Open for applicants who have completed their respective graduation from any reputed domestic or international institution.

If you want to accelerate your career progression or to change the direction of the career, Weekend MBA program of IBA-JU is set to be a right choice to develop the potentiality and to achieve the desired goals.

Admission Requirements & Admission Test

An applicant must have at least a Bachelor degree in any field of study with no third division/class or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) below 2.50 at any level. The admission test will comprise of a written test followed by a viva-voce examination. The duration of the written test will be one (1) hour. This examination aims to measure the linguistic, analytical, and quantitative skill of a candidate. A successful candidate must pass both tests independently. Final merit list will be based on the scores of the written and viva-voce Examinations.

Cost Structure

The fees of the MBA program are very competitive and represent excellent value for money. The total cost of the program includes an admission fee, seminar library fee, computer lab fee, registration fee per trimester and tuition fee. The cost of the program is at least 226000 Tk. Additional cost depends on the students previous academic standings and the duration of study in this program.  Nevertheless, the cost structure would be adjusted time to time to reflect the inflationary changes which is subject to the approval of the Finance Committee (FC) and the Syndicate of the University.

Degree Requirements

i)  The degree will be awarded after the successful completion of a maximum of 20 courses (60 credit hours). Maximum five (5) courses can be waived based on the previous academic records of the student.

ii)  Passing all of the required courses individually with at least “D” grade and maintaining a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50.