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Business Club

The Business club of the Institute aims to develop students’ skills and competencies that would cater the needs of the corporate arena. The business club has arranged a number of events that include “Meet the Leader” program, seminars, business case competition, quiz competition, and so on.

Ever since its inception in 2008, Business club aims at developing IBA-JU students according to the needs of the current competitive corporate world.

Infusion Club

Infusion is the cultural center of IBA-JU. The club offers the students to take a break from their mundane life and celebrate different festivities. This is where the students can take their time out from thinking about business, classes, assignments, examinations, presentations: rather they can indulge themselves in music, art, dance, and drama and so on. Infusion has organized many magnificent and highly appreciated events since its inception in 2006. The club encourages all the participants to work with the full freedom of expressing themselves, encourages leadership through organizing cultural activities. Be it “Bangla Noborsho” or “Srabon Shondha”, “Winter Fest” or “Boshonto Boron”, Infusion has celebrated all the festivities extravagantly and grandly. Each time it promises to bring something out of the box. This club vows to uphold the uprightness of the true beauty of our rich Bengali culture with a mix of modernism.

Communic Club

COMMUNIC is the Communication Club of Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University, a platform for students of IBA-JU to learn, practice and master fundamental as well as specialized communication skills through various programs, workshops, sessions and competitions. These activities equip them with highly effective and efficient level of diversified skills that assist them a leading edge in today’s competitive arena and allow them to develop fully as a better person at large. COMMUNIC started off its initial journey back in April 02, 2011.  As the journey paved its way forward, COMMUNIC affiliated itself with renowned organizations like UNYSAB (United Nations Youth Students Association Bangladesh), Bangladesh Brand Forum and many more. In 2012, COMMUNIC successfully launched an Inter University competition by the title “Wordfest”. The year 2017 was a remarkable one for COMMUNIC with yet another successful event- “Communi-fi” that garnered quite a good number of reach among people. With a progressive record of success, COMMUNIC has been consistent in holding competitions and sessions as an active aid for the students in enhancing their skills.

Social Welfare Club

Formed under the roof of Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University (IBA-JU), SWC dedicates itself to Society’s welfare with sheer activism by supporting the society’s causes such as poverty reduction, child education, employment creation etc. It also wants to effectively benefit the society by protecting the environment and ensuring a sound public health.
SWC is a six-winged organization which works for various social purposes aimed towards one single cause- society’s welfare. The wings of SWC are: Finance, Communication, Event Management, Blood Donation, Child Education and Go Green.

IBA-JU Debating Club

IBA-JU Debating Club is a club that gives the students of the institute the platform to learn about debating and participating in business quizzes. It particularly offers training to the members to turn them to quality debater. Though it emphasizes on the English debate, it deals with the Bangla debate as well. From the very beginning of its journey IBA-JUDC has kept it’s shinning steps in the Debate World. This is one of the Leading Debating Clubs in Bangladesh, as well as in the battle field of world debate. Though IBA-JUDC is a debating Club by its name, it is concentrating on public speaking, individual and group presentation. Debating Club hosts speakers and panels that are open to the public, offers career resources to all IBA-JU students.

Sports Club

The core principle of the “IBA-JU Sports Club” is to promote a sustainable sporting culture as a means of developing leadership skills of the students. Sports club is dedicated to organize intra-institute and external sports events. Since 1991, IBA-JU sports club has been acting as the sporting wing of the IBA-JU sporting teams and arranging indoor and outdoor sports.


ENVISIO: Media and Photography Club of IBA-JU (Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University) has started its journey in 2010 with the vision – creating a platform where students can outshine with their creativity.
The biggest success of ENVISIO is organizing the first ever week-long Intra-Jahangirnagar University
Photography exhibition, REUNION OF LIFE, which was held in Drik Gallery from 22nd -28th July,
2011. It was a huge success for the club. The massive participation from the students along with alumnus and teachers truly made the event memorable.
Photography is related to life now. The passion has now jumped though the horizon. So, ENVISIO now, is not only focused on photography. Making short films, music video, editing- all these are the part of the vision. It encourages the creative mind to think life in a frame and bring it in front of the eyes.
It has organized Pohela Boishakh programs in IBA-JU premises. It has conducted a photography course again in the year 2015, Photography 101.
Envisio Club has started its flagship Photographic Competition and Exhibition from 2017. The first event “Exposure: Episode I” was held from November 30- December 02, 2017. It created a buzz around the institutions and among photographic enthusiasts. Thus, it gathered around 900 photographs and after the thorough selection process only 55 were selected.
Envisio club aims not only to conduct a photography competition but also to promote quality photography so that young individuals can be learned as well as encouraged to do better in future.