Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University (IBA-JU) currently running three academic programs: One (BBA) for undergraduate level and two (MBA & WMBA) for postgraduate level.

BBA Program

IBA-JU offers a 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration program. This 4-year professional undergraduate business program in one of the most valued BBA Program in the country. The program integrates theory and practice, that balances quantitative and management skills. The unique feature of the BBA program here is stress management. The students here have to participate in different activities and handle the study pressure inserted by the teachers which consequently helps in modeling the students as per the corporate environment. The program also encompasses real-life, relevant content presented from multiple stakeholder perspectives.

MBA Program

Besides offering BBA program for the undergraduates, IBA-JU provides a 1.5 year’s full-time Master of Business Administration Program for the fresh BBA graduates from this institute. The MBA program offered by IBA-JU combines the cutting-edge contents, skills and relevance necessary for success in todays globalized competitive business environment. And so, the curriculum enables the students to get highly valued abilities to incorporate social, ethical, environmental and economic considerations into all the decision-making approaches.

WMBA Program

The Weekend Master of Business Administration consists of 60 credit hours (20 courses 3 credit hours each) that can be completed within two to six years on trimester basis. Any graduates as well as the corporate personals are eligible for WMBA. Students from the related academic background may get waiver. Unlike other programs offered by IBA-JU, this program is a non-residential MBA program.