Life at IBA-JU


The charming campus of Jahangirnagar University is situated only 30 kilometers away from Dhaka. With some of the rare beauties of the mother nature, the university campus showcases the true spirit of higher education. The vast green lashes, lovely lakes and, all over, the pure mind-blowing scenic beauty welcome all into a rich academic atmosphere.

As country first and only residential campus, Jahangirnagar University provides full accommodation facilities for all its regular students. The university residence halls offer plenty of personal space to study, connect with people, relax and have fun in between all the hard works. Moreover, Students get various facilities and amusements through Teacher-Students Center (TSC), several play grounds including central field, central cafeteria, Salim-Al-Din Muktomoncho (where various cultural events are staged throughout the year), gymnasium, Swimming pool, etc.


Year round vibrant and balmy climate of IBA-JU ensures myriad opportunities of learning.  Along with the academic activities, IBA-JU values learning leadership, involvement in community building that go beyond the classroom.

An enriched seminar library compromising many related books of the latest edition as well as several reputed local and international magazines and journals opens new horizons of learning. The students are encouraged to use the library facilities as the environment there is calm and appropriate for studying aptly. Besides, the Central Library of Jahangirnagar University offers the wider coverage of study materials of various disciplines and areas to meet the needs.

For ensuring practical learning, IBA-JU has its own well-furnished computer lab with latest and greatest software, computing tools & printing facilities, which allows students to accomplish their academic goals for instructions, research & presentation.

Energetic and engaged students of IBA-JU arrange and participate lots of social, cultural & business events throughout the year. There are several clubs for these purpose.

Moreover, students can also consult with the Student Advisor for any counselling need. The Student Advisor acts as a steward for the students.


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