BBA Program

The BBA Program at IBA-JU started in 1991 and since then produced significant number of successful graduates. The program includes the following key features:


Program Duration

For a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, courses of study are extended over a period of four academic years and divided into eight semesters. Each semester the has duration of sixteen weeks. The eighth semester is for the Internship-program. The BBA degree of the institute is a 123 credit program, which comprises 40 courses (for each course of 3 credit hours) consists of 31 core, 6 major, and 3 minor courses. In addition, to enlighten the student with the practical orientation and provide them an opportunity to make use of their learning in the real world life situations, there is an internship program of 3 credit hours (for 16 weeks).

However, a student can repeat any semester/year if there is any unavoidable circumstance. Such repetition will be allowed only Once within a maximum of six years duration. No student shall be allowed to continue as a BBA student beyond the end of the sixth academic year of his/her first admission into this university.


Grading System

The grading policy adopted by IBA-JU is the same as Unified Grading Scheme proposed by University Grants Commission (UGC). The total numerical marks obtained by a student in each course and in the Viva-voce examinations will be covered into 10 (ten) letter grades.

The letter conversion points and grade points are as follows:

Marks Obtained Letter Grade Grade Point
80+ A+ 4.00
75‐79 A 3.75
70‐74 A‐ 3.50
65‐69 B+ 3.25
60‐64 B 3.00
55‐59 B‐ 2.75
50‐54 C+ 2.50
45‐49 C‐ 2.25
40‐44 D 2.00
Below 40 F 0.00


If any candidates contains less than D grade in the course-end exam and/or assessment classwork he/she remains absent in the course-end examination his or her course will be treated as incomplete and will get a chance to participate in the next available on that course. The same is true for Viva voce.


Promotion and Probation

A student must maintain CGPA of 2.50 in each semester to be promoted to the next semester. If the CGPA of a student is below 2.50 but 2.00 and above in any semester, he/she will be placed in the probation for the semester.


If a student fails in more than one course in a particular semester or fail in one course and does not appear in course-end examination of any other course; or does not appear in more than one course-end examinations, he/she will be considered Fail in that semester.

If any student with probation in any semester has Fail or Incomplete in any course in the probation period will be considered Fail in that semester in which he/she had been probated.


Internship Program / Research

The objective of the internship project is to enlighten the student with the practical orientation and provides them an opportunity to make use of their learning in the real life situations. The internship covers a semester equivalent of 16 weeks involving 12 weeks working in the organization and 4 weeks for report writing. Internship program is equivalent to one course that is three credit hours.


Degree Requirements

The Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration will be awarded to a student if the student maintains the following conditions:

  • Completion of total credit hours requirement as per the syllabus of the institute.
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.50
  • No “F” grade in any course.
  • No “F” grade in any semester-end viva.
  • No “F” grade in internship or research project.